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Wound Care Clinic

Our staff at Crescent Medical Center Lancaster is specially trained in treating wounds; unfortunately some wounds may have not healed properly over months or even years. At Crescent Medical Center Lancaster we specialize in healing your wounds.

In addition to our specialized staff here at Crescent, we also have the technological requirements to help in the aid of healing your wounds.

Because of our personalized approach to wound care, many of our patients wounds can be healed within just a few months of treatment.

At Crescent Medical Center Lancaster our staff will examine your wound and ask you some questions about your health history. After an analysis of test results and your medical history, our medical team will design a treatment program that is based on your needs. The program may include regular visits to the wound care clinic to provide treatment and evaluate your progress. You will also be given detailed instructions on how to care for your wound at home.

Most insurance plan cover wound care and treatment. Upon receiving treatment at Crescent Medical Center Lancaster please bring your insurance information and any other documents that may give us insight to your health.


Alejandro Santos M.D. Wound Care Physician