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Crescent Behavioral Wellness (CBW) is an intensive outpatient program that allows clients to receive beneficial treatment without the high cost or inconvenience of inpatient hospitalization.
A combination of group psychotherapy, individual, and family-therapy enables clients to gain insight into their illness and learn effective ways to cope with their issues.

At Crescent Behavioral Wellness (CBW), every client receives individualized treatment. The
programming is built to accommodate prescribed levels of care that are available Monday through
Friday during regular business hours. The treatment plan will focus on each unique client, with a specific set of circumstances, symptoms, and goals to be understood and treated.

Daily activities within the Crescent Behavioral Wellness program include three to five therapy
groups categorized as process, cognitive-behavioral, and psychoeducational. These groups are designed to allow clients the opportunity to share, learn, and connect with one another. Group
topics will be tailored by the therapist to address the unique concerns of the participants in the group. A nutritious meal is also served each day.

Each person is under the care of a physician, who can meet on-on-one on a regular basis with each
client and involved family members to ensure quality of care. The treating physician may also
prescribe medication to ease specific symptoms of an individual’s distress.

Our Core Values

• Restoring quality of life by focusing on needs
unique to the individual.
• Valuing the client’s specific needs and the
role of the family as a whole.
• Commitment to excellence in treatment
• An ongoing plan for care and support

Transportation & Insurance

Transportation assistance can be coordinated
with the Crescent Behavioral Wellness Program.
Specially equipped vans are available to those
who need wheelchair access or other mobility

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